God the Mighty Provider | Northlands Church
June 2019

God the Mighty Provider

At the end of 2018 my wife, Nicole, and I were trusting the Lord for supernatural provision to save for a down payment through 2019, so that we could look to purchase a home in 2020. We really didn’t have a lot of margin for saving for a house and had some financial setbacks in 2018 that made us feel we were already behind at saving up in 2019. We also received a call at the end of January (2019) from our landlords saying that they would be selling the house we were renting in May, so we would need to figure out where we would be living and that would obviously have additional moving costs attached to it. We love the house and neighborhood we’re living in, so we were extremely heartbroken at the idea of leaving this home and the community we had grown in in our year of renting.

We continued praying and asking the Lord to make a way for us to find a place to live while also continuing to save for a future home, and for it to be a place we would love as much as the current house we were in. We felt like in our time of prayer the Lord told us to ask our landlord what they were going to list the house for. Which, honestly, we felt was so irrelevant because we had $0 to put down on any home let alone the one we were certain would be out of our range. But we decided to call anyway and the landlord told us the listing price (which is what we guessed it would be listed for) but he added, “If you guys were interested in purchasing we will drop it $15k less than our listing.” While that was encouraging we still had $0, but it led to us changing our prayer from Lord “find us a home to rent and help us save” to “Lord, would you provide a downpayment for this home?” At the beginning of February, we started getting calls to work projects and contracts. This was huge because we don’t own a business or do contract work so these calls were incredibly unusual (never happened before in our past). Nicole was also offered a full-time job through one of these new relationships, which was a huge breakthrough we had also been trusting for. We went from trying to save for a home for over 12 months to closing on a home in 3 months! We signed our closing papers on our new home on April 26th of this year, and we are now the proud owners of our home in our favorite neighborhood!!!

Looking back now on the other side of our breakthrough, we just saw how the Lord took the prayers we prayed at the end of 2018 in saving for a home, and how He showed us His heart of wanting to demonstrate His might and power and how He wants to do more than we could ask or imagine. We could not have orchestrated or dreamed big enough for what we received this year, and, yet, He took the little faith we had in our first prayer and delivered us into far more.

We just want to encourage anyone that is in need for a supernatural way to be made through an obstacle you are currently facing. What ever the hurdle and regardless of how bleak it looks, God literally can do ANYTHING. He sits outside of time and space, so what we can do in 12 months He can do in 3. He not only can but desires to reveal Himself as a mighty provider and a deliverer!!!