Recent Devotionals

January 16, 2018

Dreaming with God in the New Year

As you contemplate your plans and goals for the new year, consider spending some time dreaming with God. His words will shape the steps you take this year and the new adventures you embark on.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
January 09, 2018

The One Thing you really need this New Year

At the start of a New Year it’s easy to get swept up in goal achievement and the hurried business of a fresh agenda. But what if we took the opposite approach and slowed down in order to soak in what is most needed, simply Jesus.

by: Brittany Deegan
January 02, 2018

Heaven at Your House

Try praying the Lord's prayer for your address and let God remodel your life and your home.

by: David Outten
December 26, 2017

Growing up like Jesus

Jesus, all boy and also fully deity, demonstrated throughout his childhood what every believer can come to expect as we grow with God. Jesus grew up as a boy knowing His identity and calling, partnering with the power of God to accomplish great things to transform the world around Him even at a young age. What an example and invitation for us to walk in!

by: Jennifer Schmidt
December 19, 2017

The Wonder of the Star: Light Breaks Through

The star of Bethlehem was a prophetic sign of wonder to the world that Jesus the savior was born. Today, we still recognize the wonder of the star by placing them on the tops of our Christmas trees and singing joyful carols that recount the story of its light and the three wise men who followed its guiding lead to Bethlehem. But what meaning can the star hold for us today and how can we share it’s message of hope with the world around us?

by: Brittany Deegan
December 12, 2017

The Expectation of Child

As we enjoy Home in the Bride, and at Northlands Church, this season, we can be encouraged to encounter baby Jesus more and more in our daily lives.

by: Kristine Wendt
December 05, 2017

The Importance of a simple “Yes”

Mary and Joseph's agreement to God's will for their lives brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

by: Terry Mitchell
November 28, 2017

The Fruit of Authentic Fellowship

Authentic fellowship is nestled in the sharing our lives with another. It’s not an event, it’s a lifestyle of intentionality that fosters encouragement.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
November 21, 2017

When Jesus Enters

Our Lord's presence, makes our simple, common lives richly fruitful.

by: Terry Mitchell
November 14, 2017

Whole-Hearted Father

We have permission of the family name, security of the household, and the sanctuary of fellowship as His Children.

by: Kristine Wendt
November 07, 2017

Preparing for the Amazing

God's desire is to do amazing things through us but it requires preparation.

by: David Outten
October 31, 2017

Walking in resurrection power

We are filled with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and yet too often we live like we are powerless. God is inviting us to be conduits of His immeasurably great power to affect massive change in the circumstances and lives around us for His glory.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
October 24, 2017

Worship, my weapon of choice

We are warriors engaged in spiritual warfare, pushing back darkness with the light of Jesus. Worship equips us to war against evil with the power and presence of God Almighty.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
October 17, 2017

From Busyness and Hurry to Rest and Peace

Ruthlessly eliminate busyness and hurry.

by: Terry Mitchell
October 10, 2017

Remedy For Depression

Hope is available even to those who are depressed.

by: Terry Mitchell
October 03, 2017

Tune in to the Holy Spirit Channel, It’s AMAZING!

Discouragement is on the devil's channel. Encouragement is on the Holy Spirit's Channel. Tune in to God!

by: David Outten
September 26, 2017

Bringing the Solutions of Heaven to Earth

In order to bring Heaven to Earth, we have to change the way we look at problems, viewing them as opportunities to see God for who He truly is. Heaven is laden with creative and miraculous solutions to the problems of this world.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
September 19, 2017

Bringing the Peace of Heaven to Earth

We have the authority to bring the peace of Heaven into the circumstances of this Earth.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
September 12, 2017

Bringing the Worship of Heaven to Earth

We are conduits of the atmosphere of Heaven when we bring the heart of worship into every aspect of our lives on this Earth.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
September 05, 2017

And Grace Upon Grace

Receiving the Abundance of God.

by: Terry Mitchell
August 29, 2017

The Worst Investment Ever

The worst investment in history is the exchange of truth for a lie. The best investment is is drawing close to God and being used by Him to make earth more like heaven.

by: David Outten
August 22, 2017

God’s Love Reaches to the Heavens

God's love can be found in everything from the clouds over our heads to the things that come out of the clouds.

by: David Outten
August 15, 2017

Rejoicing in the Breakthrough!

When we experience a major breakthrough in life, it can be tempting to postpone joy and allow fears of "what if’s" to sneak in and steal our testimony. There are moments in life worth celebrating and when we embrace the richness of God’s goodness towards us we reflect a testimony of his extravagant grace and love to the world.

by: Brittany Deegan
August 08, 2017

Waiting on the Breakthrough

When life’s trials come our way it can be tempting to give up on the breakthrough we’ve been trusting God for. But we are not called to be quitters, we are called to persevere in hope and stand firm in the promises of God despite our current circumstances.

by: Brittany Deegan
August 01, 2017

Renewing our minds with “upstairs” thinking

To win the battle over our thought life we must renew our minds with "upstairs" (heavenly) thinking, defeating the "downstairs" (worldly) thinking so prevalent around us. In Christ, renewing our minds is effortless.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
July 25, 2017

The Fruit of Sincere Yieldedness is how Courage Multiplies

The exhibition of one courageous person with action builds testimony for more. Might your story encourage another person?

by: Kristine Wendt
July 18, 2017

The Distinct Appointment when Perspective brings Courage

Yet, there are times where understanding eludes us, and peace evades us, but perspective keeps us alight to the journey before us. Here, courage is called upon.

by: Kristine Wendt
July 11, 2017

Opulent Elevation:  The Place Where Peace Begets Courage

Courage doesn’t come first, but challenge does. And what if courage is different than we have often thought? What if it’s better?

by: Kristine Wendt
July 04, 2017

Secrets of the Psalmist: A Song Like David’s

King David equipped himself through challenging circumstances by writing psalms that described his challenges, ascribed greatness to God, and prescribed his soul to raise a banner of faith in the midst of difficult trials.

by: Brittany Deegan
June 27, 2017

The Art of Asking - Sometimes God Does the Asking

God often reveals His Kingdom and Himself through questions.

by: Terry Mitchell
June 20, 2017

The Art of Asking - Direct and Bold

Learning to approach God boldly, asking Him directly to meet our needs.

by: Terry Mitchell
June 13, 2017

The Art of Asking - Your Father Knows

Building a personal relationship with God by asking him for help in time of need.

by: Terry Mitchell
June 06, 2017

Our “Calling” Part 2 - Keys to Discovery

Your calling is not a mystery. Your life is meant to carry a message out into this world. God eagerly desires to speak to you about the plans and purposes for your life. Here are four practical keys to discovering your unique calling.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
May 30, 2017

Our “Calling” Part 1 - What It’s Not!

God knit your life together with a clear purpose in mind. He has bestowed gifting and calling on your life. However, for some of us, common misconceptions about our calling are keeping us from discovering and living in it today.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
May 23, 2017

Breaking Bread: Part Three

Sharing a meal with others in our homes opens a door to build bridges into our community and bless those within our sphere of influence.

by: Brittany Deegan
May 16, 2017

Breaking Bread: Part Two

Opening our homes is a catalyst for communing with others and building authentic fellowship. Breaking bread together offers a safe sanctuary for connecting with one another and cultivating fellowship in a meaningful and personal environment.

by: Brittany Deegan
May 09, 2017

Breaking Bread: Part One

Inviting others into our homes to eat and connect around the table is a common Biblical theme we see depicted throughout scripture and an essential aspect of the Christian life that not only nourishes our bodies but our souls as well.

by: Brittany Deegan
May 02, 2017

More Than Fire Insurance

Jesus’s death and resurrection was about much more than just fire insurance. He engineered a way for His Presence to abide in us day in and day out. His love, didn't leave us to flounder around trying to do good and be good until we die. Jesus sent Holy Spirit to each believer, reminding us of truth and equipping us with power to walk righteously, reflecting His glory on this Earth.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
April 25, 2017

The Gospel in 6 Words

Let’s not overcomplicate the Gospel. Sin was the problem. Grace was the solution. Intimacy has always been the Father's goal. Jesus restored the original reality of the Garden by reinstating direct and eternal connection between Creator and creation.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
April 18, 2017

Jesus Joins Our Journeys

Jesus is present with hope to our sufferings.

by: Terry Mitchell
April 11, 2017

God Joins Our Journeys

Even when we run and hide, God finds us and joins our journey.

by: Terry Mitchell
April 04, 2017

The Secret Place, Part Three: Where the Communing Takes Me

God never meant for us to walk through this life in our own strength but rather to abide in Him and draw on His strength in order to walk out a powerful Spirit led life for the Kingdom.

by: Brittany Deegan
March 28, 2017

The Secret Place, Part Two: A Call to the Table

Throughout scripture we find God continually inviting his beloved to The Secret Place of intimacy and encounter. When we respond willingly to the Lord’s voice for connection, we allow an open door for Jesus to walk through and commune personally with his bride.

by: Brittany Deegan
March 21, 2017

The Secret Place: In the Likeness of Jesus

Scripture does not leave us wondering how Jesus maintained a relationship with the Father while here on Earth. In fact, Jesus’ life modeled a clear and consistent method of how to abide in relationship with God on a daily basis.

by: Brittany Deegan
March 14, 2017

A Light Burden

I believe there is a connection between knowing whose we are and experiencing the light burden Jesus promised believers when He said, “my burden is light.” Maybe life feels so heavy and exhausting because we have forgotten whose we are?

by: Jennifer Schmidt
March 12, 2017

The Devil’s Invitation

Come back, come back, now hear me say You have no right to walk that way! its new and strange and here’s whats more with your past - don’t even try that door you’ve sinned, you’re shamed,... read more

by: Greg Haswell
March 07, 2017

Be Still

It would seem in Scripture that our Lord Himself favors calm and restful waters and longs for us as His Bride to experience them too. Today He invites you to walk beside still waters and find rest for your soul that only He can give. No matter what we are facing, as believers there is peace and refreshing for our souls.

by: Michelle Haswell
February 28, 2017

Jesus At Rest

Living in the rest that Jesus lived.

by: Terry Mitchell
February 21, 2017

Personal Partnership with Rest

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus calls out to us with an invitation for us and also makes declarations about Himself. From this passage, we see some principles about rest: we can participate with Him, we get to practice rest, rest is a posture, and rest is potent.

by: Kristine Wendt
February 14, 2017

Indulgent Rest

There’s an invitation before all of us for the 'more of God' in the ways of Rest by His presence. Rest is a consistent awareness toward the nature of Holy Spirit that we can intimately and knowingly access. We are handsomely invited to receive abiding rest as a source for life; not momentary rest from the scenery of life.

by: Kristine Wendt
February 07, 2017

A Lifestyle of Rest

The Lord’s promise in Exodus 33 connects His Presence with a state of rest for His people. There is an invitation for believers to enter into a lifestyle of rest through the Holy Spirit.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
May 25, 2016

The Warrior Shepherd

When I first came to know Jesus as my Savior, I lived under the perception that if I did well He was pleased with me and if I didn’t He was disappointed in me. I’m so thankful that this... read more

by: Michelle Haswell
January 01, 2016

Forgiveness: No Contract Needed!

Christ didn’t choose to enter into a temporary agreement with us, but an eternal covenant where our sins are completely forgiven and we are completely accepted by God.

by: Brittany Deegan
December 30, 2015

God’s Enduring Love

God's love shines forth through us into a dark world. Let His love shine brightly.

by: Terry Mitchell
December 28, 2015

The Heart of Kindness

Kindness it is not a measure of the worthiness of its recipient. Instead, it shows the nature of the giver.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas is the season of hope!

by: Laura Boal
December 23, 2015

He Did It All For Love

Jesus laid aside His glory and paid an enormous price, so He could make us priceless and fill us with His love.

by: Laura Boal
December 21, 2015

Immanuel, God with us

God is with us, among us, in us, and FOR us.

by: Nicole Hannel
December 18, 2015

Longing for Christmas

Our longing for God doesn't begin to touch His longing for us.

by: Laura Boal
December 16, 2015

God’s Surprise Gift

God's surprise gift took thousands of years of planning. That's how much He loves us!

by: Laura Boal
December 14, 2015

Long-Promised Freedom

The Promise of New Freedom

by: Terry Mitchell
December 11, 2015

The Great Undoer

When God clears the rubble of old habits and old damage from our lives, it means He is getting ready to build something better.

by: Laura Boal
December 09, 2015

The One Who Watches Over Me

God is always watching over us!

by: Laura Boal
December 07, 2015

Jesus, our Savior

Sin was never in God’s plan, but He made something beautiful out of our mess. He reveals Himself to us as Savior through it all, one who will go to any lengths to be with His children.

by: Nicole Hannel
December 04, 2015

Knowing Him

God Almighty, the Eternal One, invites us to know Him.

by: Laura Boal
December 02, 2015

The Personal and Approachable God

God desires to be known personally. He wants us to come to Him as we are.

by: Anonymous
November 30, 2015

Better Than Religion

Knowing Jesus is better than religion. It's a relationship, and it means we are directly connected to the living, loving power center of the universe.

by: Laura Boal
November 27, 2015

Expressing thanksgiving in relationship

In our relationships, we have the opportunity to exhibit the Father’s nature by being gracious and thankful to the people around us.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
November 25, 2015

25 Reasons to Give Thanks

Here are just a few reasons we can rejoice—today and every day.

by: Laura Boal
November 23, 2015

How Thanksgiving Changes Your Brain

"Giving thanks" changes us, spirit, soul and body, and brings us to a place of joy!

by: Laura Boal
November 20, 2015

Unlocking Thankfulness

We can be thankful, even in trying circumstances, because the Lord is with us. That means we never face them alone!

by: Laura Boal
November 18, 2015

From Obligation to Celebration

The Lord's presence changes our lives from an obligation to a celebration.

by: Laura Boal
November 16, 2015

A spirit of thankfulness

Standing on the experiences, encounters, and knowledge we have about Father God, we can develop a spirit of thankfulness unrelated to our circumstances.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
November 13, 2015

Healed by His Wounds

God paid our ransom so that we would no longer be bound by sickness.

by: Tamika Crane
November 11, 2015

God Can Handle It

God promises to walk with us through difficulties. That means we are never alone!

by: Laura Boal
November 09, 2015

Redeemed From the Curse!

Because Jesus died on the cross, we are free!

by: Anonymous
November 06, 2015

When Jesus Speaks, Circumstances Submit

The Lord always fulfills His promises to us. Tough circumstances only provide an opportunity for Him to display His love, power and faithfulness.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
November 04, 2015

Seated in Heavenly Realms

The Word says we are seated with Christ in heavenly places far above all powers and principalities of this world. That means we can live above our circumstances because we fight from a place of victory.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
November 02, 2015

Crying Out

Even when we’re crying out in the agony of our circumstances, we can still turn to God with peace and confidence. Remembering testimonies of His past faithfulness helps guard our hearts.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
October 30, 2015

A New Perspective

When we face losses, it’s easy to focus on our pain and anxiety. But that’s the time to focus on God. He isn’t done yet!

by: Terry Mitchell
October 28, 2015

In The Midst of Loss, Part 2

We're invited to rejoice in the Lord, even in the midst of loss. Rejoicing shifts our focus away from our circumstances and towards the One who gives us hope.

by: Terry Mitchell
October 26, 2015

In the Midst of Loss, Part 1

When we face losses, it’s easy to focus on our pain and anxiety. But that’s the time to focus on God. He isn’t done yet!

by: Terry Mitchell
October 23, 2015

Living Above Your Circumstances

When tough times come, we need to look past the “facts” of our situation. Instead, we must focus on the truths of who God is and who we are in Him.

by: Laura Boal
October 21, 2015

Your Story Matters

Habakkuk lived in a society riddled with violence and injustice. Sound familiar? On the brink of utter despair, Habakkuk questions God’s faithfulness. God responds in an unexpected way and we learn how testimonies play a powerful role in our journey to breakthrough.

by: Lindsay van Zyl
October 19, 2015

Despite the Facts, We Live in Peace

We don't have to live life on an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs. We can choose to dwell in God's all-consuming peace.

by: Ryan Schmidt
October 16, 2015

God’s Word Will Change Your Life

God's words produce life and fruitfulness in us.

by: Melissa Grasso
October 14, 2015

The Old You Is Dead

The old you died with Christ on the cross, and He gave you a new nature - His nature.

by: Robin Johnson
October 12, 2015

Choose Life

To choose life is to choose God.

by: Anonymous
October 09, 2015

Righteousness For All Who Believe

You are made right with God simply by believing in Jesus, who has made you right.

by: Robin Johnson
October 07, 2015

Works ≠ Righteousness

We do not become more righteous through our “works”, or good deeds. We have already been made righteous through our faith in Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us on the cross. He calls us to rest in His finished work.

by: Karlene Bartolo
October 05, 2015

No Payment Plan.  It is Finished!

Jesus paid for all our sins on the cross. We do not have to perform any further sacrifices or works. We are free!

by: Karlene Bartolo
October 02, 2015

Sharing the Hope We Have in Jesus

When we share our faith with others, our gentleness and respect for them reflects the character and heart of Jesus.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
September 30, 2015

God’s Aggressive Love - Resourcefulness

We are created to receive and give away God's love. His love sustains us in our daily lives.

by: Terry Mitchell
September 28, 2015

Jesus Was a Great Conversationalist!

Jesus was a skilled conversationalist who used language to love others well! We can follow in his footsteps by seeking out intentional conversations in order to connect with one another and build community.

by: Brittany Deegan
September 25, 2015

All You Need is Love

God's kingdom is built on love.

by: Tamika Crane
September 23, 2015

Making waves - in a good way

Kindness has a ripple effect!

by: Laura Boal
September 21, 2015

What About Those Who Are ‘Not So Lovable’?

We do good to others out of the love that Christ has for us.

by: Karlene Bartolo
September 18, 2015

Give only what you have received…

The kindness of God enables us to be kind to others.

by: Anonymous