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Transformation - Part 5

Message from Greg Haswell on 'Transformation - Part 5' recorded at Northlands Church on October 11, 2015

Transformation / Greg Haswell / 2 days ago

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Choose Life

To choose life is to choose God.

Righteousness For All Who Believe

You are made right with God simply by believing in Jesus, who has made you... read post

Works ≠ Righteousness

We do not become more righteous through our “works”, or good deeds. We have already... read post

No Payment Plan.  It is Finished!

Jesus paid for all our sins on the cross. We do not have to perform... read post

Sharing the Hope We Have in Jesus

When we share our faith with others, our gentleness and respect for them reflects the... read post

God’s Aggressive Love - Resourcefulness

We are created to receive and give away God's love. His love sustains us in... read post

Jesus Was a Great Conversationalist!

Jesus was a skilled conversationalist who used language to love others well! We can follow... read post

All You Need is Love

God's kingdom is built on love.

Making waves - in a good way

Kindness has a ripple effect!

What About Those Who Are ‘Not So Lovable’?

We do good to others out of the love that Christ has for us.

Give only what you have received…

The kindness of God enables us to be kind to others.

Conversations of Grace

Our conversations can demonstrate God’s grace.

Go ahead, make their day!

Partner with God to minister life by speaking to others.

God is always Faithful

God's faithfulness is not based on our faithfulness towards Him. His faithfulness flows from His... read post


God always keeps His promises!

When Did God Swear?

God swore an oath that He would never be angry with us again!

Learning to Trust

God promises that we can trust Him.


We are secure in our position as sons and daughters in God's family.

I Belong Here!

When we feel unaccepted and rejected in this world, we can bask in the truth... read post

Discovering the Secret to Triumphant Living

We live as overcomers because we are not conformed to this world.

Let Him Turn On the Light

When the Lord shines His light on broken places within us, it’s because He... read post

The God Who Transforms

God has the most astonishing tendency to see things in us that we can’t... read post

Saved by Love

You are not saved by your love for God. You are saved by His love... read post

got life? part 2

God's plan reaches beyond anything we can imagine. His grace connects ordinary-seeming people to His... read post

got life? part 1

If you're a Christian, you may have a sin habit, but you don't have a... read post

A Change of Heart

Jesus gave us a new heart that wants to do right, and His Spirit to... read post

The Lord Our Righteousness

If you've ever longed for a happy ending or wanted broken things in your life... read post

No condemnation communication!

God didn’t condemn sinners. Instead, He condemned sin and made a way to set... read post

Jesus was the Overpayment for Our Sin Debt

Jesus' payment on our behalf was more than enough, and He bought us peace with... read post

Debt Free!

Jesus purchased our debt freedom on the cross!

Receive freely!

God is the primary giver and we are the primary receivers. Let's excel at receiving!

No Regrets

Our past mistakes are meant to point us towards God and healing.

Repentance is wonderful!

Repentance means letting God show you how to see life from His perspective.

Salvation by self-help

It's time to let go of "salvation by self-help." God's free gift of true righteousness... read post

How much does a free gift really cost?

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross purchased your relationship with God forever!

Can My Kindness Lead Someone to Repentance?

Our kindness demonstrates the nature of God’s kingdom before we use words to describe... read post

Without Fault In His Eyes

Jesus did everything right so we could be right with God.


Jesus made the way for us to be completely at peace with God. We've been... read post

We’ve Been Ransomed

We’ve been ransomed by Jesus! That’s the real meaning of redemption.

We’ve Been Declared “Not Guilty”

Jesus paid the penalty for our offenses, so we could be declared blameless in God's... read post

Jesus Made Things Right

Jesus put everything right between us and God.

What is Grace?

Grace means God is reaching out to us!

"We build churches that transform lives by experiencing Grace and the Holy Spirit."

Our Vision

Church is God’s plan to reach the world—to create local communities who love one another deeply and reach out to the world with the love of Jesus and His good news. As a growing church, we are invested in preaching the gospel of grace, experiencing the Holy Spirit and planting churches.

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