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for Him to do it again for you.

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Bobby’s Testimony - Acclerating Dreams

one week ago | 27 May 2020

Bobby shares how God accelerated him forward in His purpose! God wants to move YOU forward in your purpose just like He did for Bobby.

Greg + Michelle’s House Testimony

27 May 2020

Robin’s Story - Infertility + Answered Prayers

14 May 2020

Tom + Michele’s Testimony - House Sold During Quarantine

14 May 2020

Melissa’s Testimony - Praying for Tongues

14 May 2020

Marc + Ardith’s Testimony - God’s Unstoppable Goodness

19 April 2020

Scott & Pam Testimony - Healing over Zoom

14 April 2020

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Written Testimonies

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God Restores Income Loss!

I was told that I will not be able to nanny in the afternoons during the summer months because the father was furloughed for at least 2 months. In less than a week we received a stimulus che... read more

one week ago | | Financial Provision

God faithfully provided again!

As a self employed, stay over pet sitter; I rely on my client’s travels for my income. I have fifteen steady clients who travel often who keep my schedule relatively booked solid throughou... read more

2 weeks ago | | Financial Provision

Provision during COVID-19

I feel like we are in the middle of our testimony - it’s going to be amazing once we get to the other side! I’ve been unemployed for 2 months now, and while that would be a frust... read more

4 weeks ago | | Financial Provision

Stomach Pain Healed

We were visiting family in Alexandria, Virginia and got an Uber for our flight in Baltimore. The guy who came actually didn’t see we needed a ride to Baltimore and said he probably wou... read more

March 2020 | | Physical Healing

Spiess Family Graduate School Testimony 2019

My wife Tamika and I were both faced with getting into and paying for graduate school. This consisted of taking the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), applying to schools, and applying for s... read more

July 2019 | | Financial Provision

God the Mighty Provider

At the end of 2018 my wife, Nicole, and I were trusting the Lord for supernatural provision to save for a down payment through 2019, so that we could look to purchase a home in 2020. We real... read more

June 2019 | | Financial Provision

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