The Person of JesusThe Person of Jesus
The GospelThe Gospel
The New YouThe New You
The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit
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Knowing the person of Jesus Christ, understanding what He accomplished on the cross on your behalf, and being convinced of your righteousness by faith are the foundations of the Gospel. This theology serves as a firm foundation as you embrace your new creation identity. As you journey deeper in Foundations, you will become settled and secure in these core truths of the gospel.

The Person of Jesus

  1. Overview of The Person of Jesus View
  2. Bought With Blood View
  3. God is Good View
  4. The Person of Jesus Series View
  5. The Chosen View
  6. Mere Christianity View
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The Gospel

  1. Covenants: A Series View
  2. Overview of The Teachings about Righteousness View
  3. Overview of What Jesus Accomplished on the Cross View
  4. Grace, the Power of the Gospel View
  5. Father’s House Study View
  6. The Normal Christian Life View
  7. Destined to Reign View
  8. He Qualifies You View
  9. Teachings About Righteousness View
  10. What Jesus Accomplished on the Cross View
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The New You

  1. Embracing the New You View
  2. Healing the Orphan Spirit View
  3. Victorious Emotions View
  4. You Can Live a Brand New Life View
  5. The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind View
  6. New Standing View
  7. Overview of Inheritance View
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The Holy Spirit

  1. Holy Spirt Devotions by Greg Haswell View
  2. Spiritual Gifts View
  3. Surprised by the Power of the Spirit View
  4. Good Morning Holy Spirit View
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