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July 10, 2018

The Way of the Warrior

Being a warrior is our legacy, our inheritance.

by: Keith Gettmann
July 03, 2018

Empowered To Change Our World

In a battle against evil, we have been given the "alien weapons" we need to fight evil with good. Using tools like generosity, community, humility and our own testimony, we will defeat the enemy and bring glory to God. By inhabiting our identity in our heavenly father's eyes we can then release the wisdom he's given us, strengthening the body of Christ and defeating the enemy.

by: Piper Lejeune
June 26, 2018

We are an oasis for others.

Friendship is an avenue that God uses to refresh us and those around us.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
June 19, 2018

I am a Person Who Believes in the Power of Declaration

When winter seasons are prolonged, we can use the power of declaration to launch those around us into a new season of growth and victory.

by: Brittany Deegan
June 12, 2018

We bat above our status and punch above our weight

You are God’s chosen instrument to unleash miraculous breakthrough in the lives of others through your strategic, unmerited, highly favored positioning.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
June 05, 2018

Practice Possibility and Change Atmospheres

If God is in you, what's possible?

by: Lindsay van Zyl
May 29, 2018

I am a Person Who Believes in the Promises of God

In a world full of false hope, we can place our hope in a safe place, the hands of God, and be a people that stand firm on his promises.

by: Brittany Deegan
May 22, 2018

I am a person who believes the impossible is possible.

When you see God as bigger than any problem nothing is impossible.

by: David Outten
May 17, 2018

I Am the Person in Whom the Lord Trusts

Three characteristics of the man and woman who the Lord trusts.

by: Terry Mitchell
May 08, 2018

Empowered with our words

One of the ways we experience resurrection life is through our speech. What we speak, we give life to. When we declare the praises of God, the promises of God, and the Word of God we actually create life, hope, and faith in our own hearts and minds.

by: Jennifer Schmidt