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Set up for Success! Living a Life of Self-Control

Self-Control can be a defeating word for many people but Christ has not called us to be defeated. He has called us to be victors in this life and he even gave us the essential tools we need to exercise self-control when it seems too difficult.

by: Brittany Deegan

God redeemed us before creation

God purposed to give us Jesus before He had even created time itself.

by: Kim van der Riet

Our sinful nature is gone because Jesus redeemed us

A frequently misunderstood scripture is seen in the light of God's grace and paints a beautiful picture of who we are in Him - justified and faultless.

by: Kim van der Riet

Qualified to ‘Tabernacle’ with God

Psalms 15 and 24 are similar - they provide a list of 'qualifications' to abide in God's presence. Through our understanding of grace, we now understand that these Psalms are prophetic and only one person was qualified by these lists - Jesus Christ. The good news is that in grace, we inherit these attributes in God and are fully qualified to stand in the Father's presence - just as Jesus is.

by: Kim van der Riet

A Chosen People

God chose us so that we can witness our testimonies to others.

by: Tamika Crane

Hosting Angels

Hospitality is the foundation of ministry in the community.

by: Tamika Crane

A Picture of Reconciliation

We are called to be a picture of reconciliation, not perfection.

by: Tamika Crane

Crucified with Christ and Living in Grace

Grace makes me more aware of Christ and less aware of my sin and myself.

by: Tamika Crane

Our Faithful Father

Our Father has chosen us to be the focus of His faithfulness.

by: Tamika Crane

THE LORD - My Banner

Jehovah Nissi, the Lord who is my Banner, has conquered every spiritual battle that we may face in our lives.

by: Tamika Crane