Refresh 2019 | Flourish

Jesus is calling us to flourish in every area of our lives, because when we thrive, we display his glory.


Michelle Haswell

Michelle leads Northlands Church with her husband Greg. She loves seeing women come free by the power of the gospel, and she and Greg enjoy seeing leaders raised up in the body of Christ. She loves spending time with her kids and granddaughter.

Jennifer Schmidt

Jenny is a loving wife and intentional mom with a contagious enthusiasm for the Gospel. She leads a thriving women’s ministry in Flowery Branch called Crowned and recently launched a podcast, Living the Abundant Life, so be sure to check that out! Jenny runs her own web design business in addition to serving her family and our church.

Lindsay van Zyl

This year Lindsay celebrated 10 years of being a part of the Northlands Family!

She and her husband just purchased a fixer upper in Peachtree Corners they named Haven Hill. She is sharing her journey of stepping away from trying to live a perfect life to live a life of perfect peace at

Her life message is “Be free and lead.”

Robin Johnson

Robin is passionate about creating fun and interactive learning environments where people can find a friend, be a friend, and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Books keep her up late at night, and coffee sweet talks her out of bed in the morning. A long time ago, Robin married David, and together they still marvel at how they managed to raise two delightfully witty and exceptionally bright children, Daniel and Rachel.

Jenny Grout

Jenny serves as an elder of Northlands Church along with her husband Joe. Together they are raising three kingdom children ages 5, 6 and 9. She is passionate about intentional parenting and helping people find their true identities by connecting them with Jesus.

Nicole Hannel

Nicole is a tea-lover and a bookworm. She is a writer by trade and works for a marriage counseling app called Lasting. She loves living in her city of Norcross where she can be found in the park with her husband and two-year old daughter.

On the Other Side of Yes

Message from Michelle Haswell on 'On the Other Side of Yes' recorded at Northlands Church on March 15, 2019

Living Abundance

Message from Jenny Lynn on 'Living Abundance' recorded at Northlands Church on March 15, 2019

Don’t Hesitate to Celebrate

Message from Lindsay van Zyl on 'Don’t Hesitate to Celebrate' recorded at Northlands Church on March 16, 2019


Message from Robin Johnson on 'Enough!' recorded at Northlands Church on March 16, 2019

A One-Step Program to Living Again

Message from - None on 'A One-Step Program to Living Again' recorded at Northlands Church on March 16, 2019

Today & Tomorrow

Message from Nicole Hannel on 'Today & Tomorrow' recorded at Northlands Church on March 16, 2019