Refresh 2018 | Fierce Love

His banner over you is love. Passionate, patient, unselfish. Faithful, forgiving, and true. It’s peace in the storm, hope in the hurt, and it’s blazing to see you free and fierce in faith. Will you accept the invitation?

REFRESH is Northlands Church’s annual women’s conference, where the goal is to encounter the fierce, restorative, empowering love of God.

Watch the keynote sessions from REFRESH 2018 below.


Michelle Haswell

Michelle leads Northlands church alongside her husband, Greg. She loves to see women grasp their true identity and walk in the freedom that is theirs in Christ. She ministers prophetically across the country and internationally. She is a wife, mother and grandmother.

Nicole Hannel

Nicole is a wife of 7 years, a toddler mom, a writer by trade and for fun, and the Director of Resources at Northlands Church. She usually has a book in her purse and drinks her tea with milk and sugar.

Beth Templeton

Beth Templeton is the mother of 7 children, four of whom were adopted from Russia. She is the cofounder of Hope at Home, an organization based in Atlanta, GA, and she is passionate to come alongside adoptive and foster parents as they co-labor with God in the transformation of orphans into sons and daughters.

Greg Haswell

Greg is the lead pastor of Northlands church. He is passionate about creating space for others to walk into their calling, preaching the gospel of God’s grace, and fostering a mature response to the Holy Spirit. He is the author of Beyond Leadership- a book about church governance- and is a husband, father and grandfather.

Karen McAdams

Karen is a wife of 24 years and a mom of two sons. Connor is a senior at UGA and Cade is a freshman at Auburn— they are a house divided! Karen is passionate about sharing her story of how Jesus rescued her from shame and gave her beauty for ashes.

Lindsay van Zyl

Lindsay is an elder at Northlands Church. She is the Vice President of Marketing + Digital at Catalyst, a leadership development organization. She and her husband Bruce reside in Peachtree Corners with their pup, Scout.

Fierce Love

Message from Michelle Haswell on 'Fierce Love' recorded at Northlands Church on March 9, 2018

Fierce Hope

Message from Nicole Hannel on 'Fierce Hope' recorded at Northlands Church on March 10, 2018

Real Daughters

Message from Beth Templeton on 'Real Daughters' recorded at Northlands Church on March 10, 2018

Secrets of the Psalmist

Message from Greg Haswell on 'Secrets of the Psalmist' recorded at Northlands Church on March 10, 2018

Interview with Karen McAdams

Message from Karen McAdams on 'Interview with Karen McAdams' recorded at Northlands Church on March 10, 2018

Empowering Love

Message from Lindsay van Zyl on 'Empowering Love' recorded at Northlands Church on March 10, 2018