Seek, Serve, & Celebrate - The money will come. | Northlands Church
December 2018

Seek, Serve, & Celebrate - The money will come.

In September 2017, after fleeing a hurricane on vacation in Florida, I arrived back at work only to be told I had lost my job. We had little savings in place at the time due to actively paying down debt.

God spoke to me that day. He said, "Don't worry about your job, your reputation, or your finances. I want you to seek me first in this season." With $80 left in our account, we started 2018 full of hope. Problems became possibilities, trials became sources of joy, and serving with my gifts became my paramount activity. After 14 months of not growing debt, paying bills on time every time, and never missing a meal, I landed a project that in 4 months equals the full annual salary from my last job! Praise God, the Great Provider!