Provision during COVID-19 | Northlands Church
May 2020

Provision during COVID-19

I feel like we are in the middle of our testimony - it’s going to be amazing once we get to the other side! I’ve been unemployed for 2 months now, and while that would be a frustrating thing normally, to now be one of the millions of people not working in this country because of the pandemic… well, it’s quite daunting. Fortunately this season has brought out incredible blessings from our community. We have had grocery gift cards repeatedly show up in our mailbox, along with other financial help from family. It’s allowed us to remain calm, and focus on what’s important. I’ve been able to supplement our finances with some freelance work, and last week a check arrived from the Northlands Benevolence fund. We could not feel more loved and supported by our church. It’s been a great boost to join the business prayer meetings and feel encouraged while lifting up others affected by this crisis. We look forward to seeing God complete this good work and we will shout His praises now, and even more on the other side. We just wanted to say thank you.