Immediate and miraculous healing | Northlands Church
December 2018

Immediate and miraculous healing

I’ve always had bad menstrual cramps since I was a teenager. Well, I thought they were bad until 6 years ago. My cramps had gotten so bad that they interfered with my life. For the first 3 days, the pain was so unbearable that I took a lot of OTC meds (prescription pain killers didn’t take away the pain and made me extremely loopy) and had timers set for when the next dose was due. I planned my month around the intense stabbing pain in my abdomen, which once left me in fetal position on the ground of a parking lot. I dealt with this for 5 years and doctors were unable to help me.

This past year, I went to a women’s retreat (non-demoninational and not associated with NL, but a healing testimony is a healing testimony!). While there, I asked for physical healing for another matter. When I was telling the women praying for me about my neck and back pain, I very casually threw in that I would love prayer for my cramps that had just started because I didn’t want to be doped up and in bed all weekend and miss what God wanted to speak to me about on this retreat.As the ladies were praying for me, my whole body got really hot, I started sweating, and I almost passed out. They had to hold me up as they were praying. As I walked back to my cabin, I realized that my cramps were gone! And they did not come back all weekend. It’s been a little over a year now and they are still gone! Every month when my time comes around, I have to pray through my fear that the cramps will come back. But there is no doubt in my mind that I have been healed.Feel free to edit this down, if you want to use this testimony on Sunday and it needs to be shorter. 😊