Healing in the Womb | Northlands Church
December 2018

Healing in the Womb

Around the 6-month mark of our pregnancy, we went for a scheduled, normal ultrasound. The doctor told us our baby’s kidneys measured irregular and it would be something we needed to watch and may require immediate surgery after birth. Our family was with us at the ultrasound, so they heard what we heard (except I heard a second declaration from the Holy Spirit).

The Holy Spirit would literally not let me leave the hospital parking lot without praying over and declaring healing over our baby, so I did. My family had never witnessed anyone praying for healing, let alone being healed, so this was... different... for them. Literally, the very next ultrasound we had, the doctor was perplexed - her kidneys were 100% perfectly normal! This was confirmed after she was born as well. She was healed the day we took a step of faith and prayed over her.