God Fulfilled My Childhood Dream | Northlands Church
January 2019

God Fulfilled My Childhood Dream

I’ve wanted to stay at the Disney Polynesian Resort since I was a little girl, but it’s really expensive. I didn’t think I’d ever go because I couldn’t wrap my head around the cost (plus it wasn’t in the budget). We talked about going just for a day or two for my birthday, but didn’t think it would be wise.

During one of the Wednesday nights at church this summer, I prayed to be able to go. Three days later, we met friends for my husband's birthday, and he mentioned my wish. They asked "Well, if you could go, would you?" We were confused but they continued to tell us that the were Disney Vacation Club members and had tons of points. We just came back from a 4 night stay, totally paid for! Plus I kept asking for God's favor, and we got through lines quickly and even got the best seats at restaurants. I felt like God was winking at me throughout the whole trip. He WANTS to give His children good gifts! He told me to keep asking and declaring His goodness and favor. Oh and one more thing... at Epcot we noticed skywriting. The letter "J" was formed. I stood in awe as "Jesus Loves U" was spelled out. It brought me to tears.