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Rosie - Purpose + Encounter in Children’s Ministry

3 weeks ago | 23 March 2021

Rosie shares how God revealed part of her identity through ministry in the RiverZone class + how these children have been encountering God recently!

Hilde-Marie’s Testimony

07 March 2020

Written Testimonies

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Friend Accepted Christ in the Car!

I’ve witnessed to a friend of mine for a couple of years now. She’s very nice and has a good life (aren’t those sometimes the hardest to witness to?). She didn’t like... read more

November 2018 | | Salvation

Search for a Grace and Holy Spirit filled Church

For almost a year I was praying for a Grace-Holy Spirit filled Church, salvation for my family and Godly wisdom to vote in the presidential’s election. While searching the web (for foo... read more

January 2017 | | Salvation

New Beginning After Rough Start

After My grandpas death I felt alone. Went to church they day after my grandpas funeral and my pastors sermon hit me. I knew at that point in time I wasn’t alone and I needed to receiv... read more

December 2016 | | Salvation

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