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for Him to do it again for you.

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Video Testimonies

Watch stories of goodness and breakthrough
from within our Northlands community

Alison Falt - Job Upgrade

2 years ago | 27 July 2021

Alison shares how God provided for a job after months of unemployment that was an upgrade financially and an opportunity to use all of her gifting in a professional setting.

Vernon - God’s Provision Way in Advance

27 July 2021

Paul + Sara Beth - Ruby’s Story

27 July 2021

Darice - God’s Relentless Pursuit

27 July 2021

Phyllis - Healing

28 May 2021

Steve - Healing of Diverticulitis + High BP

03 May 2021

Melanie Cagle - Life Transformation

03 May 2021

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Written Testimonies

Read stories of how God has impacted
lives at Northlands

Stomach Pain Healed

We were visiting family in Alexandria, Virginia and got an Uber for our flight in Baltimore. The guy who came actually didn’t see we needed a ride to Baltimore and said he probably wou... read more

March 2020 | | Physical Healing

Trust God & See What The End Will Be

We received a negative doctor’s report at our routine 4-week follow up with the OB-GYN to check on the health of our baby. The doctor informed us we would have to follow up with a speciali... read more

January 2019 | | Physical Healing

Healed from stomach pain

I was in the ER for 8 hours with severe stomach pain on Christmas Day. I couldn’t bend over or turn, and walking was very painful. The doctors gave me medicine and kept running tests, but ... read more

December 2018 | | Physical Healing

Answer to Prayer for a Major Health Issue

A year and a half ago, I suffered a shattered and dislocated ankle complicated by five separate breaks in the same lower leg. There was a 50% chance I would lose my foot. The surgeon bolted ... read more

December 2018 | | Physical Healing

Healing in the Womb

Around the 6-month mark of our pregnancy, we went for a scheduled, normal ultrasound. The doctor told us our baby’s kidneys measured irregular and it would be something we needed to watch ... read more

December 2018 | | Physical Healing

Immediate and miraculous healing

I’ve always had bad menstrual cramps since I was a teenager. Well, I thought they were bad until 6 years ago. My cramps had gotten so bad that they interfered with my life. For the first 3... read more

December 2018 | | Physical Healing

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