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for Him to do it again for you.

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Video Testimonies

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Rosie - Purpose + Encounter in Children’s Ministry

3 weeks ago | 23 March 2021

Rosie shares how God revealed part of her identity through ministry in the RiverZone class + how these children have been encountering God recently!

Gerhard & Cheryl - Marriage Testimony

24 February 2021

Melissa - Transformed relationships

24 December 2020

Byron and Courtney’s Testimony - Hope in the Waiting

22 June 2020

Written Testimonies

Read stories of how God has impacted
lives at Northlands

Seek, Serve, & Celebrate - The money will come.

In September 2017, after fleeing a hurricane on vacation in Florida, I arrived back at work only to be told I had lost my job. We had little savings in place at the time due to actively payi... read more

December 2018 | | Emotional Healing

Free to be me!

I’ve always felt I didn’t have worth or value; that others only liked me for what they could get from me - especially in a church environment.

December 2018 | | Emotional Healing

Hope through Miscarriage

God has promised us biological children. We’ve had multiple miscarriages. God’s promises remain true and unchanged. Our circumstances don’t change God’s nature.We have great hope a... read more

December 2018 | | Emotional Healing

Changed by His Healing Power

I was having trouble really grabbing hold of the love of a perfect Heavenly Father when I never experienced acceptance or love from my earthly father.

November 2018 | | Emotional Healing

Freedom from Fear

I tornado hit while I was driving home late one evening. The sky opened and it was raining so hard that I couldn’t see in front of me and I thought someone might hit me. After that, ev... read more

November 2018 | | Emotional Healing

Exchanging a Mask of Pretense for the Good Grace of God

For most of my life I lived in pretense, people-pleasing, and performance - wearing a mask and not being real.

November 2018 | | Emotional Healing

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