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To Know Him is To Trust Him

| LauraBoal

To Know Him is To Trust Him

by: LauraBoal

Each of us has to find out for ourselves that God truly is trustworthy and faithful.

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you. Ps 9:10, NLT

Many of us come from a religious, legalistic background which declares that as soon as we receive salvation we should automatically trust God, 100%. So we go through the motions, because we don’t want to be seen as not trusting God. We can look right. We can talk right. But do we truly know God as faithful and trustworthy? If not, then every time we’re tested we’ll fail. Legalism may tell us it’s because we don’t have enough faith. Nobody tells us that it’s because we haven’t learned to trust God yet.

The truth is that with any relationship, trust takes time to build. And furthermore, if we’ve spent a lot of time listening to and believing wrong teachings, we don’t truly grasp who God is…until we start seeking Him for ourselves. When we take the time to delve into a relationship with God and learn who He is, that’s when we begin the journey of trust. As we dive into the Bible and seek to know who it says He is, we get a foundation to build upon. When we pray and ask for comfort, hope, help or provision, and see it given in ways that could only be from Him, we begin to see that we can trust Him.

Each of us has to find out for ourselves that God truly is trustworthy and faithful, and that He cares for us. This takes time—for some, longer than others—but God is patient and understanding enough to allow us the time we need to take for the journey.

Do you truly trust God? If so, continue investing in your relationship with Him. Meditate on His promises from the Word. Soak in His presence. Remember the times when He has been faithful in the past—to you and to others.

If you don’t trust Him yet, there’s no shame in admitting it. That’s the first step on your journey! If you need to take that first step, then let’s do so together.


Abba Father, Lord and Creator, forgive me for believing legalistic teachings and not seeking You myself. Help me to learn who You are so that I may trust You more. Thank You for Your kindness, faithfulness, and unfailing love. Amen.

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