The Devil’s Invitation | Northlands Church

The Devil’s Invitation

by: Greg Haswell

Come back, come back, now hear me say
You have no right to walk that way!
its new and strange and here’s whats more
with your past - don’t even try that door

you’ve sinned, you’re shamed, you’ve missed the mark
And now you believe you have a fresh start?
no way my friend, there is no way
just take a seat and we can play

These are your clothes, they fit you well
they’re stained and burnt but I can tell
that if you go out there wearing these
you’ll feel exposed and ill at ease

So accept the fact that you are trapped
you can’t go forward, so just come back
there is no life of glory to come
just shame and hurt and then you’re done

So stay with me and just give in
it’s really bad because of your sin
Don’t listen to Truth, don’t believe good news
thats only for a lucky few

that get to break free and walk away
but that’s not you, so sit and stay
give in, back down and close up your heart
there’s just no way you get a new start

What no! Don’t look up!, Don’t take those off!
they’ve been your clothing since you came forth
Stop! No! don’t listen He doesn’t mean that call
He hasn’t forgotten your sins, surely not all

Your sins like scarlett before Him lay
How can you believe He took them away?
How can you dare to stand before him?
with your bad history and your sin

But there you go out from this grave
leaving the road I’ve so carefully paved
with accusation and threat and slanderous jeers
but as you go I’ll scream out my sneers

But you’ve gone from my power, you’ve stepped away
There’s nothing else that I can say
but I’ll keep your clothes, the ones that fit
please come back in a little bit

We’ll try these old clothes on, I’ll make them fit
you’ were born on the earth, yes, thats it
but if you go down that brightening way
I’ll have nothing to do with you, nothing to say

Don’t put those new clothes on, don’t look forward to more
that hope will drive you far from my door
you’ll start to shine, ever brighter like Him
He’ll make you forget about all your sin

You’ll become like Him, full of brightness and light
and I’ll never get to win even one fight
you’ll walk in His love and His power as well
and I’ll be stuck here - alone in my hell.

From the Sunday Message “Out with the Old, In with the New” from March 12, 2017

© 2018 Northlands Church and Greg Haswell. Permission to share so long as credit is given.