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God Joins Our Journeys

by: Terry Mitchell

Even when we run and hide, God finds us and joins our journey.

Genesis 3, Exodus 3, Jonah, and Acts 7-9

Most of us seek God in various forms or fashions. We look in awe of God in the vibrant changes of nature, in awakening yellows of sunrises and in the mixing glory of oranges and purples and reds and grays of sunsets. We hear God speak through the inviting beauty of human creativity, through the wonder of a newborn, through passions stirred in art and literature, through captivating power of music. We spend our lifetimes searching and experiencing fragments and tastes of God. Scripture and experience reveal that when we seek God, we find Him.

From our own journeys towards finding God or running from Him, we often forget is that He has been patiently seeking us to join us in our own journeys.

We see God in scripture time and time again meeting us, His children, on the journeys of our own foolish and painful choices and offering to us a generous flow of grace. We see God pursuing Adam and Eve to clothe them and set for them a new course after their devastating disobedience in the Garden. We find Moses, the former Egyptian prince and murderer, now an elderly shepherd, being met by God on a mountain side in the form of a burning bush. God then changes his condition and direction to return to Egypt, deliver from bondage and lead the people of Israel into His promised land. We see God determinedly find the angry, runaway prophet Jonah, capture his attention in the belly of a whale, and make him the voice of God in the greatest biblical revival in history. We also see God join the journey of Saul—Paul, a persecutor and executor of Christians. We see in a moment God blinded the man, knock him to the ground, heal him and set him a new path to the salvation of the world. These four examples are drop in the ocean of the lavish grace from the God who joins the journeys of people in hiding, in resistance, and in fearful flight of Him. He changes lives to have worth and impact far beyond all we could have imagined.

God’s expenditure of grace finds us wherever we are. He is especially good at finding us when we are on personal journeys that are moving away from Him.


Lord God, I am not yet in the place where I respond to your gentlest whisper and touch. Yet, thank you for your great love to find me on my own journey and invite me into a yours, one much larger than any that I can conceive.

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