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Empowered To Change Our World

July 03, 2018 | Piper Lejeune

Empowered To Change Our World

by: Piper Lejeune

In a battle against evil, we have been given the "alien weapons" we need to fight evil with good. Using tools like generosity, community, humility and our own testimony, we will defeat the enemy and bring glory to God. By inhabiting our identity in our heavenly Father's eyes we can then release the wisdom He's given us, strengthening the body of Christ and defeating the enemy.

Do not let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. Romans 12:21 NLT

Empowered to Change Our World

In a world of suffering, injustice, and fear it’s incredibly freeing to know that we have the power to change it. Not only do we not have to agree with the world, but we don’t have to sit back and watch, and wait for Heaven on Earth. Faith without works is dead (or like a screen door on a submarine if you’re Rich Mullins) and it’s time to get to work.

We are empowered to change our world.

We have all the tools we need, but as Pastor Greg said, they are “alien” weapons. We know unrest, dissension, and hate aren’t of themselves tangible and all the repercussions thereof - loneliness, desperation, and disconnection - aren’t tangible either. These are weapons the enemy uses to (try to) divert the plan of God. And so when the enemy is using weapons that are impacting our psyche, our lives, and our very homes, we’ve got to use these “alien weapons” to fight back.

Do not let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. (Romans 12:21 NLT)

So what are our weapons?

Habitual generosity
Unified community
Gracious humility
Faithful testifying

The adjectives and descriptors here are not empty. Generosity is powerful, but habitual is what makes it destructive to the enemy. Just like exercising once is great but doing it habitually is where you’re really shedding pounds and building muscle.

Habitual generosity destroys self-interest.

Generosity shifts the focus off of ourselves, broadens our minds, and our ability to see the great goodness of our God. This changes them, it changes us, and it changes the game.

Unified community destroys limiting restrictions.

It’s hard to hate up close… so let’s get up close. When we get close, build each other up and stand in awe of the gifts we’ve all been given, you can’t help but want them to shine because it brings more and more glory to God.

Gracious humility destroys corrosive shame.

Shame is such a sickening, debilitating, absolutely toxic tool from the enemy. Humility, but the kind that is gracious to yourself reminds you you’re still loved and that’s rejuvenating. And it reminds you to love others knowing “there, but for the grace of God, go I.” Don’t agree with the enemy about your disqualification. Not even you can disqualify you.

Faithful testifying destroys arrogant self-sufficiency.

There is life and death in our words. I tend to believe death happens not only when we say the wrong words but when we don’t say the words the world needs. “You’re okay,” “We’re okay,” and “I’m sorry” are incredibly powerful, but “look what God did” is arguably among the most powerful. We’re not just students of faith, we are the active followers of a living God. Our testimonies are evidence of him… here… now.

“It’s easy to destroy an enemy that has no hold on you.” This is one of my personal favorites because it’s so, so true. When their opinion doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what their opinion is. Our ‘alien’ weapons break those holds.

So those are our tools and these are our calls to action:

1. We can only release outside what reigns inside.
We already have everything we need. And yet, fill yourself will the Word so that it flows out of you with ease.

2. Practice inhabiting what is yours.
Do it every day. Remind yourself you’re a child of God, every day. We have his blood in our veins and we are entitled to the full measure of his inheritance, now. Own your favor, joy, peace, and healing.

3. Make it a habit to release your blessing.
Live inside out. Use your words. Share the celebrations and the facepalms. The Holy Spirit is in us and has taught us and held us and brought us into victories. Recognize those things and share them. Because you need to share it and because your community needs it.

Now go change your world!
Pastor Greg recently preached a message on this topic, please listen in here!


Lord, thank you for your endless grace. We are your children, ready and empowered to drown out evil with good. Help us to build community, through generosity and humility, and then to testify of your great love. All of this for your glory.

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