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Crying Out

November 02, 2015 | Jenny Lynn

Crying Out

by: Jenny Lynn

Even when we’re crying out in the agony of our circumstances, we can still turn to God with peace and confidence. Remembering testimonies of His past faithfulness helps guard our hearts.

"I cried to You; save me and I shall keep Your testimonies." Psalm 119:146 (NIV)

When David wrote this psalm, he was having a troublesome day, to say the least. He was literally being attacked on all fronts and he cried out to God for salvation. That’s when David caught a truth that would anchor him: “I will keep [remember] Your testimonies.”

David had many experiences with God’s faithfulness. He knew that when God saved him from this trouble, he would keep this testimony too. He stood on a foundation of truth, KNOWING who God was for him and KEEPING a record in his heart of all the stories of God’s faithfulness. They guarded his heart like a shield. Even on the worst of days, when the circumstances looked hopeless, David KNEW God to be his faithful salvation. That was because he kept remembering the catalogue of testimonies in his heart and mind, and kept adding to it.

Even as David cried out in agony, his cry was coupled with confidence. He knew God would be faithful to save him. His response would be to keep a record of this testimony— to continue proclaiming the goodness and faithfulness of God to all. David experienced both a crying out and a peace at the same time, because he understood God’s character and declared his testimonies of God’s faithfulness time and time again. David’s peace was not founded on circumstance. It was a deep inner peace that welled up with confidence, boldness and strength so that, together with God, he could take on the trouble of his day.

Remember God’s character and the countless personal testimonies you have of His faithfulness, and be encouraged. When you cry out on your worst days, the Lord Jesus is your faithful Savior every time!


Lord, on the hard days when we’re crying out in the reality of our circumstances, You remain our faithful Savior!  You have overcome this world and You have the power to bring victory to our battle.  We commit to keeping each testimony of Your faithfulness. It’s a safeguard for our hearts and a proclamation to the world of your good, kind and powerful character. All glory and praise is yours, Lord. Amen.

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