Life of a Disciple

Life of a Disciple
Vital Walk with JesusVital Walk with Jesus
Grounded in GraceGrounded in Grace
Hearing from GodHearing from God
Spirit-led LivingSpirit-led Living
What Disciples Do What Disciples Do
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Jesus calls men and women to follow Him, and it transforms their lives and the lives of those around them. Your relational journey of discipleship is a growing process fulfilled by abiding, learning, studying, and practicing. In the Life of the Disciple, the Gospel goes beyond sound theology and becomes a lifestyle fueled by love and equipped with power.

Vital Walk with Jesus

  1. Compelled by Love View
  2. Strengthening Yourself in the Lord View
  3. Igniting Hope Podcast View
  4. Secrets of the Psalmist View
  5. Reckless Devotion View
  6. Kris Vallotton Podcast View
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Grounded in Grace

  1. Agreeing with Grace Devotional View
  2. Covenants: A Series View
  3. Heirs of a Glorious Inheritance View
  4. Kingdom Family Talks with Leif Hetland View
  5. The Gospel in Twenty Questions View
  6. Joseph Prince Podcast View
  7. The Gospel in Ten Words View
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Hearing from God

  1. Led By the Spirit Part 1 View
  2. Building Bridges Podcast View
  3. Hearing God’s Voice View
  4. Translating God View
  5. Supernatural Living View
  6. The God Who Speaks View
  7. 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice View
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Spirit-led Living

  1. Led By the Spirit Part 2 View
  2. Led By the Spirit Part 1 View
  3. Spirit-Led Series View
  4. Hosting the Presence View
  5. Living From the Unseen View
  6. Always Enough View
  7. Exploring the Prophetic Podcast View
  8. Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry View
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What Disciples Do

  1. Power Evangelism View
  2. The Masterplan of Evangelism View
  3. Just One Series View
  4. Compelled by Love View
  5. Becoming Disciples View
  6. A Practical Guide to Evangelism Supernaturally View
  7. The Ultimate Treasure Hunt View
  8. The Passion Generation View
  9. Everybody Always View
  10. Iris After Hours Podcast View
  11. Love Does View
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