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Your home, built on a solid foundation of kingdom principles, can thrive in every season. Whether you are building a biblical marriage, raising up the next generation of disciples, being a good steward of your finances or building a healthy community with family and friends, you have the opportunity to reflect heaven in your home and to a hurting world around you.

Kingdom Home

  1. Life-Giving Speech View
  2. Declarations: Unlocking Your Future View
  3. The Life-Giving Home View
  4. Heartbeat Series: Family View
  5. Binding and Loosing Part 2 View
  6. Binding and Loosing View
  7. Life-Giving Speech Patterns View
  8. Deliberate Speech View
  9. Garden City View
  10. Empowered with our Words View
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  1. Keep Your Love On View
  2. Intimate Connections View
  3. Igniting Intimacy Bundle View
  4. Hope For Hurting Marriages View
  5. Binding and Loosing View
  6. Marriage View
  7. Marriage Matters View
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  1. Parenting View
  2. Family View
  3. Life-Giving Speech View
  4. Play To Their Strengths View
  5. Loving Our Kids on Purpose View
  6. The 5 Love Languages of Children View
  7. Mirror of Sin and Means of Grace: Parents are a work in progress too View
  8. Say GoodBye To Whining, Complaining, + Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids - Creating a Culture of Honor View
  9. The Life-Giving Parent View
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  1. Total Money Makeover View
  2. A Brief Study of Biblical Finances View
  3. Why Do We Talk About Money Every Sunday View
  4. Heartbeat Series: Finances View
  5. Financial Peace University View
  6. Dave Ramsey Podcast View
  7. Never Enough: 3 Keys to Financial Contentment View
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Family & Friends

  1. Living Refreshed View
  2. Necessary Endings View
  3. Boundaries View
  4. Healing Family Relationships View
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