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Church Life
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We need one another in order to fulfill and experience all God has purposed for us. Church Life is designed to help you learn how to engage, receive, and contribute to the church community. As you embrace each of the milestones in Church Life, you will see incredible transformation in your life, as well as experience the joy and power of participating in the life of the Body of Christ.

The Body

  1. Northlands Church - An Overview View
  2. The Bride, The Bureaucracy, The Building View
  3. Why We Need Church Government View
  4. Heartbeat Series: Church Governance View
  5. Just Like Heaven View
  6. They Devoted Themselves View
  7. Why We Build Churches That Transform Lives View
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  1. Heartbeat Series: Community View
  2. Living Connected Part 2 View
  3. Living Connected Part 1 View
  4. A Growing Community View
  5. Grow with a Community Group View
  6. Called to Community View
  7. Anchors for the Soul: Community View
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  1. Build Together Part 2 View
  2. Build Together Part 1 View
  3. Take Your Place View
  4. Live in Grace, Walk in Love Devotional View
  5. Serve on a Grace Team View
  6. Known for their Service View
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  1. A Brief Study of Biblical Finances View
  2. Why Do We Talk About Money Every Sunday View
  3. Heartbeat Series: Finances View
  4. They Devoted Themselves to Generosity View
  5. The Bible Project: Generosity View
  6. The Beauty of Generosity View
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  1. Transforming Our Actions View
  2. We Build Churches That Transform Lives View
  3. Go Series View
  4. Just a Minute View
  5. Love Does View
  6. Sharing the Hope we have in Jesus View
  7. Give, Grow, Go View
  8. Why We Share Testimonies of Transformation Every Week View
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