Speak to the Storm | Northlands Church
June 2017

Speak to the Storm

I was at the beach last week, and after 4 days of rain, I was feeling desperate as the skies were growing black again, and we were going to lose another day to the rain. I began to whine to God, and He very clearly said to me, "Speak to the Storm." So I began to rebuke the clouds and rain and commanded the sun to burn the clouds away and for the winds to blow them away, and for 4 hours there were storms on four sides of us within about a mile radius, and we basked in the sun. When it was time for us to go in, the sky grew black and it stormed all around for the rest of the day. It happened again in a similar fashion the next day, where all around us it was cloudy except for our spot on the beach, and believe me I was speaking to the clouds all day. I walked about a half mile down the beach, and they were covered in clouds. Our spot stayed clear all day. Go God. I was just looking for a cool sea shell, and instead He showed me how to speak to the storm.