No Problem to Small to Get God’s Attention | Northlands Church
June 2018

No Problem to Small to Get God’s Attention

While dining and sightseeing among the throng of people along Chicago's Magnificent Mile I lost our rental car key. Panic-stricken and unable to think, I texted several friends and asked them to please pray. We prayed, continually fed the parking meter, retraced our steps, and checked with store personnel and policemen stationed along the Mile to no avail. Facing $600.00 in fees, and with no other options we finally contacted the police station to report the missing key and initiate a police report. We were informed that a rental car key had been found, turned into a policeman on the Mile, and had just been delivered to the area's precinct. We don't know how God orchestrated these chain of events, but we praise Him that after four hours of searching we were back in the rental car and back on the road.