(Mostly) Healed After 10 Years of Illness | Northlands Church
July 2018

(Mostly) Healed After 10 Years of Illness

I have been ill with various illnesses for the last 10 years. The illness has been disruptive - it has changed the course of our careers and caused devastation to our fincances and our schedules. While I had been diagnosed, am on medicine, and have done all of the lifestyle things my doctors suggested, my labs were bad and my doctors were not sure what was going on. I had already been healed of a reproductive disorder as the first part of my healing a few years ago and continued coming for prayer. This past week I recived the first set of labs that showed not only good markers but exceptional ones. My doctor was in disbelif! I now have to get a more targeted set of tests to see if those markers have improved as well. If they have, I will likely be able to go off medication altogether!