Audacious Prayers Answered | Northlands Church
June 2015

Audacious Prayers Answered

​I raise my own support to work at Adventures in Missions. A few days after sending out a newsletter stating that my support account was in urgent need of being replenished, Pastor Greg issued another challenge to pray audacious prayers. As I was driving home, I was talking to the Lord about what an audacious prayer would look like in my situation. I ended up deciding it would be this: "Lord, I'm asking that this newsletter generates enough support for a year."Almost immediately, monthly supporters grew in number, there was an unexpected large gift that bridged the gap until another couple met a large part of the need by deciding to "flip" one extra house as "God's house", with the proceeds going to me and others in ministry.Thirteen months after that audacious prayer, I have not had to do a hard ask again and I'm set for several more months ahead.