Answered Prayers at Work | Northlands Church
June 2015

Answered Prayers at Work

​For a year and a half, I worked in an environment where people were completely hostile to the idea of God, Christianity or even profound positivity. The leadership of the team operated from a place of insecurity, fear and obligation. This caused them to be hostile and to fight against anyone with natural leadership ability, or anyone who wanted to develop forward within the company. I began praying for my team and for my leadership, that God would make profound changes individually, in the lives of the employees, that he would show me how to invest in their lives and show them unconditional love.I prayed that the Holy Spirit would either transform the hearts of the team leaders or move them out of authority over this team. In the last six months of my time there the Lord transformed my own heart, increasing my capacity to minister and I saw employees and leaders alike opening up to me. God made it so easy to love and encourage them. He then promoted me within the company to a new position and a different team. I began working in a profoundly positive environment, where I received favor and encouragement in my leadership gifting.