MS went from progressing to stable for over 6 years now! | Northlands Church
December 2013

MS went from progressing to stable for over 6 years now!

I am the lady in the wheelchair who sits in the back. I have had MS for over 30 years. God’s faithfulness and provision has been beyond my life. I have been able to live independently on my own. But In 2006, my disease became very active and put me in the hospital for 45 days.I had only been do this church a couple times but had friends that went to the Northlands. I was a newcomer at the Northlands, maybe like many of you….but this incredible body of believers engulfed me with Love, prayer and encouragement and God’s grace changed my life and disease. “And the greatest of these is LOVE.”For the past six years my MS has been stable. Then in July of this year, I started being very dizzy, not able to transfer, nauseous, and unable to control my body movements. For the first time, I became unable care for myself.I became very fearful. And my, how Satan loves to latch onto to that to defeat us…. I cried out to God. “Please don’t let this be MS!!!” As my mind became filled with fear, the symptoms got. worse. But one night when I was alone with God, He gave me a scripture, 1 Corinthians 10:13 ““No test or temptation that comes our way is beyond the course that others have faced. We have to remember that God will never let us down. He is for us. He will never push us past our limit. He is always there to help us through. We have to cultivate God confidence!!!Two weeks later I find it wasn’t MS at all. I was having an allergic reaction to a drug I had been on for along time. They took me off the drug and all my systems went away within 48 hours.November 2013 makes six years that my MS has been stable. To God be the Glory!!! My latest MRI showed no progression of the disease and no new lesions in the brain.God in us is the “hope of Glory”. We are mind, body and Spirit. We often forget who actually lives inside of us. I must bring my mind and body under submission to the Spirit in me. “For greater is He that is within, than he that is in the world.”This congregation teaches TRUTH and professes that truth over my spirit. I praise God for truth and manifestations and the Northlands.