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February 27, 2018

Fierce Love: God’s Very Essence is Love

God’s love is unlike anything the world has to offer us. It is beyond our wildest imagination, beyond anything we could ever earn or deserve. But God’s love is not a behavior he chooses to put on whenever he’s in a good mood. Love is actually his very essence!

by: Brittany Deegan
February 20, 2018

A Love that Puts Us at Rest

You are loved and you are lovable. It’s proven by a fierce, unyielding love of a God who made the first move.

by: Lindsay van Zyl
February 13, 2018

Oh how He loves us

The Lord places a banner of love over us that protects us and brings us peace.

by: Michelle Haswell
February 06, 2018

The Gift of Helps: How to be a Co-laborer for the Kingdom Instead of a Bystander

In a world of self-consumption and consumerism, how can we recognize the calling God has on our life in order to contribute our time, talents, energy, and resources for the body of Christ? How can we become co-laborers with Christ in order to launch the Kingdom into greater expansion while loving the bride like God loves her?

by: Brittany Deegan
January 30, 2018

Dreaming with God in the New Year: Part 3

God isn’t focused on looking back and analyzing all of our mistakes or shortcomings to assess what is possible for our future. God is actually inviting us to see ourselves and our futures from a different vantage point.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
January 23, 2018

Dreaming with God in the New Year: Part 2

As you dream with God get ready to come face to face with the magnitude of His miraculous power. If you’re dream sounds embarrassingly big, then rest assured it’s probably from Him.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
January 16, 2018

Dreaming with God in the New Year

As you contemplate your plans and goals for the new year, consider spending some time dreaming with God. His words will shape the steps you take this year and the new adventures you embark on.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
January 09, 2018

The One Thing you really need this New Year

At the start of a New Year it’s easy to get swept up in goal achievement and the hurried business of a fresh agenda. But what if we took the opposite approach and slowed down in order to soak in what is most needed, simply Jesus.

by: Brittany Deegan
January 02, 2018

Heaven at Your House

Try praying the Lord's prayer for your address and let God remodel your life and your home.

by: David Outten
December 26, 2017

Growing up like Jesus

Jesus, all boy and also fully deity, demonstrated throughout his childhood what every believer can come to expect as we grow with God. Jesus grew up as a boy knowing His identity and calling, partnering with the power of God to accomplish great things to transform the world around Him even at a young age. What an example and invitation for us to walk in!

by: Jennifer Schmidt