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October 05, 2015

No Payment Plan.  It is Finished!

Jesus paid for all our sins on the cross. We do not have to perform any further sacrifices or works. We are free!

by: Karlene Bartolo
October 02, 2015

Sharing the Hope We Have in Jesus

When we share our faith with others, our gentleness and respect for them reflects the character and heart of Jesus.

by: Jennifer Schmidt
September 30, 2015

God’s Aggressive Love - Resourcefulness

We are created to receive and give away God's love. His love sustains us in our daily lives.

by: Terry Mitchell
September 28, 2015

Jesus Was a Great Conversationalist!

Jesus was a skilled conversationalist who used language to love others well! We can follow in his footsteps by seeking out intentional conversations in order to connect with one another and build community.

by: Brittany Deegan
September 25, 2015

All You Need is Love

God's kingdom is built on love.

by: Tamika Crane
September 23, 2015

Making waves - in a good way

Kindness has a ripple effect!

by: LauraBoal
September 21, 2015

What About Those Who Are ‘Not So Lovable’?

We do good to others out of the love that Christ has for us.

by: Karlene Bartolo
September 18, 2015

Give only what you have received…

The kindness of God enables us to be kind to others.

by: Anonymous
September 16, 2015

Conversations of Grace

Our conversations can demonstrate God’s grace.

by: Anonymous
September 14, 2015

Go ahead, make their day!

Partner with God to minister life by speaking to others.

by: Carrie Deegan